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Pauli Systems offers Site Auditing Tool to Business Owners

2015 December 19

At least twice a day, we hear for customers, business network and nonprofit executives that they finished they new website redesign, but they do not know how the new sites performes on the web. Is it set-up right for Google to find all the right pages? Use our new SEO Auding Tool and find out! 


Rebranding government agencies requires precision, tenancity.

2014 February 13

Rebranding any company or entity is a difficult task on any level but rebranding a government agency requires precise attention to detail and tight coordination behind the scenes. 
Florida’s job and unemployment agency - now called CareerSourceFlorida - started its rebranding in January to the current name from the former Workforce Development Board, known in Southwest Florida as SWFLWorks.


Being online is today part of business

2013 April 24

SWFL WorkForce Development BoardThe conversation has changed and I am very happy about that.  Business owners and managers realize today that “being online” is part of their business and content is king.  High demand for story, data and image sharing online have become a strategic part of savvy business plans and daily operations.  And the savviest business owners come to us looking for a partner to take them beyond single parts and who offers a broad spectrum of tools, services and guidance. We share our experience to help build systems flexible enough to grow with the business’ and customers’ needs but also stable enough, scalable enough to integrate into operational processes of a growing business.  


OlgaTDesigns on the Interwebs

2013 March 20

Bryan Tippe,

We have been working with Bryan to augment his online presence and search engine visibility and advise him about on-site SEO.  We also connected his 3Dcart store on to Twitter. We used the built-in feed and A new Tweet appears automatically when new products are posted on the web store. 

Recently we visited him at the Farmers Market in Coconut Point and used our iPad to shoot some video footage and photos.


Slideshows and Recap SBRN Social Media Summer Series

2012 September 13

Why People Share? The most overlooked part of Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Summer Series at our monthly meetings of our Small Business Resource Network featured fascinating get-togethers and productive, lively, discussions. One of the fundamental principles of Social Media is information sharing and we looked at motivations why people share information with their networks.

At the end of the first evening, we looked at the webstats of a client's website converted to a blog four month earlier ..... 


Comparing 4 Most Popular Blog Engines - Which one is right for you?

2012 April 18

Writing Machine by Birgit Pauli-HaackWhich Blog Software is right for me?  How do I get started? Who can help me? 

These are all valid questions! And there are no easy answers. 

Most of the time your decision will depend on a few variables you will need to consider. And, sometimes, after writing (blogging) for a year or so you may decide your original assumptions are out of date or have changed. 

What does one do then? Start over? Shell out more money to convert your original site? 

Our team deals with a variety of different software writing/blogging packages - and we've tried many more. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The world of Internet communication is filled with trade-offs. 

So let' get started... 


Presentations: On Blogging, RSS Feed, Email Marketing, Social Media

2011 June 30

Upon several requests to republish our presentations, we share them now here on our company blog. All cover the topics: Web2.0, Bloggging vs. Website, email marketing, online publishing and the measurement of initiatives and campaigns. 


Pauli Systems is your MailChimp Expert

2010 December 07

Is your e-mail marketing effort in need of a little TLC? Look no further than Pauli Systems,  an approved "MailChimp Expert".  MailChimp Experts are people and companies who know about e-mail design, coding and programming. MailChimp has been our preferred e-mail marketing vendor for some time now, so, when they launched their Expert program earlier this year, it was a no-brainer -- tell us where to sign up, and we're there!

MailChimp Custom Newsletter Templates


Be an Active Participant on Your Website or Blog

2010 November 15

You've gotta work your blog, for it to work!

When it comes to making sure your website or blog builds interest and passion amongst your target audience for whatever it is you do on a daily basis, (you know, the people you want cheering for you -- your customers, constituents, donors, etc.), you've got to get off the sidelines, roll up your sleeves, and get involved in telling the story, and keeping it fresh.  Designing and launching a web presence can be a monumental task, (and, a great achievement), but that's just half the battle. Once your site or blog is up and running, it's not going to run itself.


Avoid Failure to Launch

2010 October 26

7 tips to successfully introduce your new website to the world!

Months of careful planning, objective setting , design review, content building, and preparation have all come down to this moment¦it's time to go live? and unveil your amazing new website to the world!  Of course, as part of your launch strategy, you may be considering an electronic message blast to your core constituency, to get the word out, and build enthusiasm (= get traffic in the door), for the new site and your business. You know, tell them about the whys, whats and goals for providing them with another must visit place on the web.  Sounds simple enough, right?


Formatting Your Content: What Blog Software is Right for Me?

2010 September 25

In another post, we talked about blogging as a format you can use to build website content, including some back-to-the-basics info on what a blog is, tips for getting started and avoiding blogger's burnout. Here, we'll focus on the software available, and how to determine the best fit for your needs.


Formatting Your Content - Let's Blog!

2010 September 24

Small business owners can spend an insane amount of time creating and building website content that relates to their products or services. (As if you need to be reminded of that, right?) Yet, with all the time spent doing so, you may not be fully capitalizing on the very content you are so carefully trying to build and cultivate.


Website Gotcha's to Avoid

2010 September 17

Today it takes more than just having a website to make the internet work for your company or organization. Sites are highly competitive, and optimizing site design has become an area of concern to businesses that want to use the internet to its fullest. To help navigate potential design landmines, here are some common website mistakes to take note of (and, avoid!)...



You Need News -- or it's a Snooze

2010 September 09

Let's admit it, we all love news. We love it hot off the press, especially if it's about something that we are passionate, or have a need to know more about. And, there's no better way for your customers and potential customers to know more about your latest achievements, projects, products, community-related updates, (in other words, your news), than having a news section on your website, where you can easily post new information right away and on a regular basis.


Back to the Basics: Search Engine Ranking - Learn it From Google

2010 July 27

The last two weeks, I have done a considerable amount of teaching, and have participated in numerous discussions related to online presence, websites, and social media. Of course, many questions are centered around the question "how will we get noticed, and what does it cost to get a better ranking on Google?"

 My answer is go ask Google. They publish everything they deem important on their website, Google for Webmasters. And, don't be afraid; most of the information is not technical, but practical and actionable.