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MailChimp + Salesforce: Get Integrated!

2010 December 15

E-mail marketing and contact management come together...sort of

We were excited to hear when MailChimp announced last year that integration with Salesforce was available, albeit, with limited functionality.  At the time, we decided to "test" the integration, using one of our non-profit clients as our "guinea pig".  In this case, the client was already using MailChimp for his e-marketing needs, and had recently decided to add Salesforce to his arsenal of marketing tools, as his contact management system of choice.  Perfect!


Pauli Systems is your MailChimp Expert

2010 December 07

Is your e-mail marketing effort in need of a little TLC? Look no further than Pauli Systems,  an approved "MailChimp Expert".  MailChimp Experts are people and companies who know about e-mail design, coding and programming. MailChimp has been our preferred e-mail marketing vendor for some time now, so, when they launched their Expert program earlier this year, it was a no-brainer -- tell us where to sign up, and we're there!

MailChimp Custom Newsletter Templates


Website, Blog, E-News, Mobile in Unity: A Re-design

2010 November 10

Advocates for Aviation Safety Foundation, Inc

Re-designed website
Blog posts 2 to 3 times a week
E-mail marketing infrastructure with auto-feeds and auto-responders
Twitter stream
Mobile application


Avoid Failure to Launch

2010 October 26

7 tips to successfully introduce your new website to the world!

Months of careful planning, objective setting , design review, content building, and preparation have all come down to this moment¦it's time to go live? and unveil your amazing new website to the world!  Of course, as part of your launch strategy, you may be considering an electronic message blast to your core constituency, to get the word out, and build enthusiasm (= get traffic in the door), for the new site and your business. You know, tell them about the whys, whats and goals for providing them with another must visit place on the web.  Sounds simple enough, right?


Get the Word Out: E-Mail Newsletters

2010 February 05

E-mail newsletters are hotter than ever. They’re a great extension of your business’ or organization's communication toolkit, and offer you, and your clients, an excellent channel by which you can reach potential and existing customers.

Of course, before you create and send your e-mail newsletter, you’ll need to have relevant and timely content, or news, to share with your readers. The more content and news you generate, the more readers, or subscribers, you'll be able to attract and keep. Bottomline, content and news drives subscriptions! The quality of your content also sets the tone for how much readers will respect you as a source of trusted advice. If the content has obviously been copied, scraped, or lacks substance, it’s likely your readers won’t view you as an authority.


Back to Basics: E-Mail Marketing & RSS

2009 November 25

With 93% of all American adults using e-mail as their primary online communication tool, any content distribution strategy will need to include e-mail marketing solutions. So, it is not wonder that e-mail subscriptions for blogs and other sites are important and need to be optimized.

Three features should any e-mail marketing system have: