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Turn Your Passion-2-Profit...experience entrepreneurial euphoria!

2012 October 09


Update October 15, 2012


Today's update is about the material used by Birgit Pauli-Haack during the event. 

Click here to watch the slideshows. 

Birgit Pauli-Haack presenting at 4th Annual Turning Passion to Profit, Entrepreneur Seminar & Tradeshow at Florida Gulf Coast University

What is it that really excites you? What it is that stirs your passion, gets you going?

Is it something you make? Something you do? Is it some service you perform for others? Some talent you have? Find out how to grow a business from avocation to vocation at the Turning Your Passion-2-Profit entrepreneurial trade show and seminar.

Set for Saturday, October 13, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Florida Gulf Coast University, the conference is organized the Small Business Development Center at FGCU and Southwest Florida Business Today and will feature as keynote speaker Jerry Ross, lifelong entrepreneur and Executive Director of the National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando.

Find out more details about the workship and register here.


Facebook Cover: The Entrance to Your Brand's Facebook Space. Get Going!

2012 July 11

Facebook Cover: Center for Health Value InnovationOn our journey through Facebook Brand Pages, we still encounter Facebook Brand Pages that have yet to add a cover photo. Since March, our graphic designers have created a few Facebook covers for our clients. The collection might inspire you with one or two ideas for your own.  


SBDC Workshop: Using Social Media to Increase Your Website Traffic

2011 November 02

We had very lively and interesting discussions throughout the 90 minutes presentation. Participating business owners contributed good questions and conclusions.  As promised, the slide deck is published on for your self-study and for following up on all links mentioned during this event. Harry Looknanan and I also discussed some more ideas regarding an upcoming Social Networks Bootcamp for Business Owners. If you have particular topics or questions that you would like included, please post them in our comment section below. Also if you are interested in attending the Social Networks Bootcamp session, let us know and we will make sure that you will be notified.


Facebook Open Graph & Facebook Timeline

2011 October 27

Ever since #f8 the Facebook Developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg used to announce major changes to the Facebook OpenGraph and the Facebook Timeline. I followed the event and also collected a few stories especially on Facebook Privacy on a new curation tool called 


Traveling down the Facebook Timeline A couple of weeks ago, AAUW CA Online Branch Program director, Sandy Kirkpatrick, and we discussed a few scenarios and disected who will see what posting, comment or tag, for the various privacy settings in your account. As a part of the program, I was also asked if I could explain Facebook Timeline and how it will change how our profile appears for our friends. To answer that question, I took a deep dive in my own Facebook Timeline and published my experience on the non-profit technical support site of the Naples Free-Net. You can read all about it here:

Traveling Down The Facebook Timeline

Facebook Business Pages: A Primer

2011 February 15

So, you've jumped into (or, are thinking about jumping into), the social media fray to expand your business or organization's online marketing horizons, by creating a Facebook business page. Good for you! You're on the right track, so congratulate yourself. A lot of small business owners don't even bother to create a page -- they're simply not on? Facebook,  (or online, for that matter).


Take a Tour: 2011 Naples Writers' Conference Online

2010 December 07

Naples Writers' Conference / Authors & Books FestivalTake a tour around the online presence for the 9th Annual Naples Writers' Conference and Authors & Books Festival scheduled April 9th and 10th, 2011:

WordPress Site, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, Evenbrite, Mailchimp are the tools we use for this year's event promotion and information. 



Online Advocacy: Help Your Organizations

2010 November 02

Facebook makes it easy for you to be an online advocate for the organizations you care about, and spread the word about events and good deeds happening in your community. How? Tag it!


Curtain Call: Joy Davidson Presents Unveiled - WordPress + Facebook Page

2010 October 15

 WordPress, Slideshow set-up, Video Production, Facebook page - A very inspiring project for a world class artist: Joy Davdison, actor & mezzo-soprano, promoting two One-Woman Plays.

Click here for Website

Click here for Facebook page


Facebook - Make Your Page More Interactive

2010 October 11

In previous posts, we've talked about how to create a more dynamic Facebook experience through tagging, and more effective ways to share information with your friends about the organizations and causes you care about. Now, we'll address how to setup your Facebook page so that it appears more approachable, and is more interactive.


Facebook - Richer Link Sharing

2010 October 03

A few days back,  I found this short post in my news feed on Facebook. I was already familiar with PACE Center for Girls, and I was interested, but I found the post sharing the good news a bit anti-climactic.


Facebook - Share with Tagging

2010 September 25

Some of us are happy to share links, videos, information, and quotes with our friends on Facebook, and some of us are also active in various online communities that have Facebook pages.  More frequently, I find myself in the situation that I am sharing connected information over more than one page, and with my own personal friends.  And, you might have seen that other people tag friends in photos. You can do that also in posts.

read more... - A Tool for Social Media power users

2009 July 24


Feed your Facebook Page through Ping.FM

If you have not yet created a Facebook Page you might want to start on this page:
Facebook: Create a Page or Manage Existing Pages

 In the meantime we have successfully integrated with Facebook and are now able to post on various places through
Here is the link to the help site created by Here's how to set up posting to Facebook Pages.
Now looking at the Social Media Technology Facebook Page we will recognize the posting in the feed among the suggested links.


O'Reilly: Updated Facebook Usage Stats

2009 April 23

Updated with data up to April 15, 2009 Summary: Current active users worldwide: 193+ million Share of active users for North America: 38% (=74.34 mio): 41% Male | 56% Female | 3% Decline to state Most quoted fact on Facebook user growth: The fastest growing group are Women over 55. The O'Reilly numbers confirm it, but it also shows that the age groups left and right of the 55 - 59 bracket also grow very fast!