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Being online is today part of business

2013 April 24

SWFL WorkForce Development BoardThe conversation has changed and I am very happy about that.  Business owners and managers realize today that “being online” is part of their business and content is king.  High demand for story, data and image sharing online have become a strategic part of savvy business plans and daily operations.  And the savviest business owners come to us looking for a partner to take them beyond single parts and who offers a broad spectrum of tools, services and guidance. We share our experience to help build systems flexible enough to grow with the business’ and customers’ needs but also stable enough, scalable enough to integrate into operational processes of a growing business.  


Happy Holidays: Play for Charity For Change

2011 December 21

Charity For Change Holiday Game 2011

Since Charity for Change started in Spring 2008, Pauli Systems has been involved on various levels with the organization and the team around its Executive Director, Karen Conley.  
This year, Charity for Change created a fun Holiday Giver Game to be played by community members and it helps introduce the program to a broader audience! The Second Chance Foundation pledged $30 for each player that answers three MathQuiz questions correctly between December 14 and January 1, 2012.  
 Start Playing the Holiday Giver Game here
No worries the questions are on fifth grade level! It'll take only about 3 minutes and is great fun.  You'll also meet Giver and as he always says:

It's a great day to give! 

Get control of your non-profit with

2011 April 07

If you manage a non-profit organization, you are, without a doubt, juggling multiple tasks on a daily (if not hourly) basis. Staffing, managing a volunteer base, seeking out and soliciting donors and donations, planning fund raisers, maintaining an online presence (i.e., website, blog, e-newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), planning and executing mailings, all compete for a spot on your agenda. So, who has time to track all of this activity, and, better yet, how is it going to get tracked?  And, if I find a system that will allow me to reign all of this in, how much will it cost to implement, (as if resources aren't already stretched to the breaking point)? No time and too much money, right? No need to despair, the 800 pound gorilla just got a little easier to tame.


Take a Tour: 2011 Naples Writers' Conference Online

2010 December 07

Naples Writers' Conference / Authors & Books FestivalTake a tour around the online presence for the 9th Annual Naples Writers' Conference and Authors & Books Festival scheduled April 9th and 10th, 2011:

WordPress Site, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, Evenbrite, Mailchimp are the tools we use for this year's event promotion and information. 



Website, Blog, E-News, Mobile in Unity: A Re-design

2010 November 10

Advocates for Aviation Safety Foundation, Inc

Re-designed website
Blog posts 2 to 3 times a week
E-mail marketing infrastructure with auto-feeds and auto-responders
Twitter stream
Mobile application


Online Advocacy: Help Your Organizations

2010 November 02

Facebook makes it easy for you to be an online advocate for the organizations you care about, and spread the word about events and good deeds happening in your community. How? Tag it!


Great Turn-out at SBRN Round Table Event!

2010 October 22

SBRN: Sponsor Banner

Approximately 80 people gathered around the Small Business Resource Network's Fall Roundtable event, held at the Holiday Inn in Ft. Myers.  All particpants were heavily engaged in conversations with the consultant network  of  SBRN members, small business owners working with the SBDC, and new business owners from Cape Coral and Ft. Myers. A big thanks to Amanda Stirn for spearheading the organizational team.

Photo: Lorna Kibbey, Birgit Pauli-Haack


Facebook - Richer Link Sharing

2010 October 03

A few days back,  I found this short post in my news feed on Facebook. I was already familiar with PACE Center for Girls, and I was interested, but I found the post sharing the good news a bit anti-climactic.


Gulf Coast Fundraising Executives: Presentation

2009 April 12

Held April 7, 2009 Gulf Coast Society of Fund Raising Executives at Broadway Palm River Theater. If you like to be notified when new content is posted please leave your e-mail address in the box in the right column. Or use the RSS Feed Subscription. Or follow me on Twitter.

Nonprofits Facing 2009 Challenges Head On

2008 December 28

The ever changing online landscape with new services, a smarter, more demanding online population, and fewer donors, will leave many nonprofits behind. The financial service crisis, tighter budgets and higher accountability standards are the offline reality for others. Most nonprofits will face both, and it's not for the faint of heart. There plenty of challenges lying ahead for nonprofits in 2009. The following articles give you a head start on the tool sets available to face them:

  • Survival Guide by Fundraising 123 - 45 pages full of concrete action items to better an online presence, be it a web site, social media, e-mail newsletters and donate buttons. There are no silver bullets, but if you do only half of the suggested actions, you might do much better than 80% of the other nonprofits that compete for the fewer monies available. [Read more...]
  • Strong Led and Under-managed -The Bridgespan Group writes about the apparent rift between leadership and management, and take you on a quest to learn how these leaders have been working to overcome it. They outline the triangle of 1) clarity of strategy, 2) meaningful measurement, accountability and change management, and 3) the barriers and hurdles to overcome, and how to overcome them. The article is remarkable, as it describes plenty of nonprofits I worked with. Board members and Executive Directors, in particular, should read it carefully and find a mirror. [Read more...]

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