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Pauli Systems offers Site Auditing Tool to Business Owners

2015 December 19

At least twice a day, we hear for customers, business network and nonprofit executives that they finished they new website redesign, but they do not know how the new sites performes on the web. Is it set-up right for Google to find all the right pages? Use our new SEO Auding Tool and find out! 


Rebranding government agencies requires precision, tenancity.

2014 February 13

Rebranding any company or entity is a difficult task on any level but rebranding a government agency requires precise attention to detail and tight coordination behind the scenes. 
Florida’s job and unemployment agency - now called CareerSourceFlorida - started its rebranding in January to the current name from the former Workforce Development Board, known in Southwest Florida as SWFLWorks.


New & Hazardous - Google Instant Preview - Are You Ready?

2010 November 23

As an example, we typed in Naples Restaurants, and received the results page below. First, we see that the listed sponsored links are not web pages, but Google Places entries in the heart (city center) of Naples. Next to each entry, there is a little magnifying glass; by clicking on it, the visitor is able to see a preview of the website for that particular entity. 


Top Ten Most Viewed: Above the Noise's Six Month Anniversary

2010 November 16

Since we started our Above the Noise blog in May 2010, at the half-year mark, it's time to take a closer look at the content you, our cherished readers, read most often. Through Google Analytics, it's fairly easy to create a list. Some of you joined us just recently, and we hope that the list of the Top Ten will motivate you to also browse our archives and read our earlier articles.


You're invited to join us in ORBIT...Online Roundtable for Business Owners

2010 October 18

We know you have technology issues and questions.  Everyone does!  And we also know that you may not have access to the people and resources who can answer those questions and resolve those issues.  That's why we'd like to invite you to a new monthly online business owners' roundtable, ORBIT, designed to help small businesses like yours blast their online presence into the future.  Please join us!

Register for ORBIT - Online Roundtable f. Business Owners on Internet Technology in Naples, FL  on Eventbrite



Nothing But Writing - Distraction Free Writing Tools

2010 September 21

We compared three web-based applications that support you in your quest to produce works for your various writing assignments. And, yes, nowadays everyone has writing assignments, from letters to clients, a seminar curriculum, a how-to blog post, or a story about your favorite non-profit. However, as soon as I sit in front of the computer, with all the windows open on my computer screen, (i.e., e-mail, browser, facebook, etc.), fighting for my attention, I get distracted. Sometimes, I just need to write and shield myself from the world. It seems I am not alone. There is, yet, another software available.


Fast Company: Where Ideas and People Meet

2008 February 22

As a beta tester of Fast Company's new business community site, I am fascinated on what they are trying to do, it's a little bit of everything: LinkedIn, Facebook, iGoogle. So far it seems it works for me, its interface is intuitive, I understand what goes where and where I would find things and the different things find me. Of couse, for those of us that have been around long enough, know it’s the second generation Fast Company community site, after Company of Friends.