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Slideshows and Recap SBRN Social Media Summer Series

2012 September 13

Why People Share? The most overlooked part of Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Summer Series at our monthly meetings of our Small Business Resource Network featured fascinating get-togethers and productive, lively, discussions. One of the fundamental principles of Social Media is information sharing and we looked at motivations why people share information with their networks.

At the end of the first evening, we looked at the webstats of a client's website converted to a blog four month earlier ..... 


Presentations: On Blogging, RSS Feed, Email Marketing, Social Media

2011 June 30

Upon several requests to republish our presentations, we share them now here on our company blog. All cover the topics: Web2.0, Bloggging vs. Website, email marketing, online publishing and the measurement of initiatives and campaigns. 


Twitter & RSS Feeds

2010 January 29

You can use various webapps to deal with Twitters RSS feeds: Take an inside look on Listenning to Twitter Streams via  Twitter Search, Auto-post RSS feeds from various sources to Twitter, and keep a close look on friends, followers and favorites via RSSFriends. All three tools are briefly discussed.



Feedly as Firefox Add-On and as Google Extension is brilliant

2009 November 15

New tool of the week is Feedly, an Add-on for Firefox that let's me read my RSS feeds in a magazine style.


RSS Feeds & Social Media

2009 May 25
RSS Feeds and Other Social Media Tools ess="always" allowfullscreen="true">