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Comparing 4 Most Popular Blog Engines - Which one is right for you?

2012 April 18

Writing Machine by Birgit Pauli-HaackWhich Blog Software is right for me?  How do I get started? Who can help me? 

These are all valid questions! And there are no easy answers. 

Most of the time your decision will depend on a few variables you will need to consider. And, sometimes, after writing (blogging) for a year or so you may decide your original assumptions are out of date or have changed. 

What does one do then? Start over? Shell out more money to convert your original site? 

Our team deals with a variety of different software writing/blogging packages - and we've tried many more. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The world of Internet communication is filled with trade-offs. 

So let' get started... 


SBDC Social Media Bootcamp Open for Registration

2012 February 20

Social Media Bootcamp: How to use Social Media to Increase Traffic to your Website? 

Presented & Hosted by Small Business Development Center & Relevanza, Inc

Register here
Saturdays March 3rd, 10th and 17th - 9am-12 (noon) 

Florida Gulf Coast University, Lutgert Hall, Room 1203

Social Media Bootcamp

This three-part course will teach you how to set-up your profiles to maximize search engine visibility and connect the profiles to your website. After this course you will know how to make your website ready for the 21st century and increase search engine ranking. You will also learn how to publish and broadcast to the networks and how to listen to the influencers in your field and grow your network and interaction with the audience. A large part of the course will be hands-on and discussing case studies for various industries of successful ongoing blend of social networks with lead generation. The networks covered will be: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.


Happy Holidays: Play for Charity For Change

2011 December 21

Charity For Change Holiday Game 2011

Since Charity for Change started in Spring 2008, Pauli Systems has been involved on various levels with the organization and the team around its Executive Director, Karen Conley.  
This year, Charity for Change created a fun Holiday Giver Game to be played by community members and it helps introduce the program to a broader audience! The Second Chance Foundation pledged $30 for each player that answers three MathQuiz questions correctly between December 14 and January 1, 2012.  
 Start Playing the Holiday Giver Game here
No worries the questions are on fifth grade level! It'll take only about 3 minutes and is great fun.  You'll also meet Giver and as he always says:

It's a great day to give! 

SBDC Workshop: Using Social Media to Increase Your Website Traffic

2011 November 02

We had very lively and interesting discussions throughout the 90 minutes presentation. Participating business owners contributed good questions and conclusions.  As promised, the slide deck is published on for your self-study and for following up on all links mentioned during this event. Harry Looknanan and I also discussed some more ideas regarding an upcoming Social Networks Bootcamp for Business Owners. If you have particular topics or questions that you would like included, please post them in our comment section below. Also if you are interested in attending the Social Networks Bootcamp session, let us know and we will make sure that you will be notified.


Google Plus (+): Why You should bother?

2011 October 28

The new kid? on the social media block is, of course, Google Plus (Google+...or, GooPlus, if you prefer) and with it come the same questions asked by million of social media users the world over: will my friends follow me to the new network? How will I find new friends? How will I get noticed (Social media is, after all, all about me.?)

With social media, it's always the chicken and scrambled egg problem: I won't join a new network when my friends are not there, but my friends won't come when I am not there.'

Google+ has the same problem. Only a few die hard geeks and close friends are there! And none of my other friends will leave Facebook, because that's where their friends are.

Put all that aside because there is good news. Google+ can be beneficial even if your friends are not there yet. Hello? Google.


Facebook Open Graph & Facebook Timeline

2011 October 27

Ever since #f8 the Facebook Developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg used to announce major changes to the Facebook OpenGraph and the Facebook Timeline. I followed the event and also collected a few stories especially on Facebook Privacy on a new curation tool called 


Traveling down the Facebook Timeline A couple of weeks ago, AAUW CA Online Branch Program director, Sandy Kirkpatrick, and we discussed a few scenarios and disected who will see what posting, comment or tag, for the various privacy settings in your account. As a part of the program, I was also asked if I could explain Facebook Timeline and how it will change how our profile appears for our friends. To answer that question, I took a deep dive in my own Facebook Timeline and published my experience on the non-profit technical support site of the Naples Free-Net. You can read all about it here:

Traveling Down The Facebook Timeline

Google Analytics - Tool to Track and Analyze the Performance of Your Inbound Marketing Activities

2011 October 02


Just published our slide deck from the Entrepreneurs Workshop: Turning Your Passion To Profit 2011 at Florida Gulf Coast University on 



A Successful Entrepreneurs Seminar: Turning Your Passion to Profit 2011

2011 October 02

Over the course of the following weeks we will publish session material and more pictures.

Bookmark the site: "Turning Your Passion to Profit" - 3rd Annual Entrepreneurs Seminar & Mini Tradeshow

Or sign-up to receive  email notification on updates to the site, when session materials will be posted and pictures of the event assembled. 



Presentations: On Blogging, RSS Feed, Email Marketing, Social Media

2011 June 30

Upon several requests to republish our presentations, we share them now here on our company blog. All cover the topics: Web2.0, Bloggging vs. Website, email marketing, online publishing and the measurement of initiatives and campaigns. 


Google+ (Plus) Previews & Chatter: Get Ready!

2011 June 29

Google+ Ante Portas

The Techworld is abuzz about Google+, many techreporter and Net Strategist have been invited by Google to field test Google+, called Google Plus. There is a lot of chatter, and yesterday I saw a good use case to great a collection of comments and the essentials on Storify.

If you are in a hurry, start on Google's own page about Google+ and watch intro-clips about six main features. If you want to see what other people do with Google+, especially the "Hangout" feature, watch the recording of today's "This Week on Google" TV Show hosted by Leo Laports, Jeff Jarvis and Gina Trapani.

Haven't been that excited about a new site and it's possibilities for a long time.