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Online news sites are our speciality, and our passion. We have had the opportunity to work with an exciting array of clients, and develop an online news presence for each that reflects their unique communication needs and goals. A few of our most recent partnering examples include

We’ve also partnered to launch a semi-governmental business development site marketing Immokalee, Florida, that includes an online news component, with full social media intregration and electronic newsletters. 

Online Publishing Examples

We are also experienced in different ad server integration, from OpenX via a homegrown system, to Google AdSense integration. Additionally, our design team is able to integrate with a variety of e-mail marketing systems and automated processes, to expand the reach of your message. Of course, any publishing information distribution system will need to handle subscribers, paid-for or free editions, and allow for closed rooms for special membership access.

As a web development company, we keep a keen eye on emerging technologies; if a different tool is a better fit than our in-house solutions, we will make it work for you! As part of a complete package of services, we will find a server, handle the installation and configuration, and train you and your staff to manage your daily online operations.