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Get control of your non-profit with Salesforce.com

If you manage a non-profit organization, you are, without a doubt, juggling multiple tasks on a daily (if not hourly) basis. Staffing, managing a volunteer base, seeking out and soliciting donors and donations, planning fund raisers, maintaining an online presence (i.e., website, blog, e-newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), planning and executing mailings, all compete for a spot on your agenda. So, who has time to track all of this activity, and, better yet, how is it going to get tracked?  And, if I find a system that will allow me to reign all of this in, how much will it cost to implement, (as if resources aren't already stretched to the breaking point)? No time and too much money, right? No need to despair, the 800 pound gorilla just got a little easier to tame.

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Great Turn-out at SBRN Round Table Event!

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Approximately 80 people gathered around the Small Business Resource Network's Fall Roundtable event, held at the Holiday Inn in Ft. Myers.  All particpants were heavily engaged in conversations with the consultant network  of  SBRN members, small business owners working with the SBDC, and new business owners from Cape Coral and Ft. Myers. A big thanks to Amanda Stirn for spearheading the organizational team.

Photo: Lorna Kibbey, Birgit Pauli-Haack

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