Social Media: A Time Well Wasted?

In his post How To Boost Your Social Media Productivity – A Guide For Busy People, Robin Broitman collected blog posts by others on various aspects on making Social Media work for you in the long run. After I learned the ropes and started to get into a rhythm of listening, sharing and posting, I found myself doing various actions multiple times, many of which could be automated, if I found the tool or the time to program it myself.
Broitman’s blog post gives me a one-stop page, where I can start my research for new tools, that make my life online easier. – A Tool for Social Media power users

Feed your Facebook Page through Ping.FM

If you have not yet created a Facebook Page you might want to start on this page:
Facebook: Create a Page or Manage Existing Pages

 In the meantime we have successfully integrated with Facebook and are now able to post on various places through
Here is the link to the help site created by Here’s how to set up posting to Facebook Pages.
Now looking at the Social Media Technology Facebook Page we will recognize the posting in the feed among the suggested links.

Feedly as Firefox Add-On and as Google Extension is brilliant

I admit, I am always enthusiastic when trying out a new tool, service or method. So nothing new here, the new tool of the week is Feedly, an add-on for Firefox (also available as extension for Google Chrome, beta) and it lets me read my RSS feeds in a magazine style, using tags and topics to organize all feeds items. It has featured category, uses the pictures available in the feed to illustrate and to combine content and layout. Feedly makes it a pleasure to weed through my reading list. 

This is a screen shot of today’s edition:

Doesn’t it look beautiful? It gives me the images, a headline, sharing links and fast access buttons to clear non-relevant headlines off the screen.

And if I wanted to join a conversation on Friendfeed, I would be able to do it directly from Feedly. Brilliant.

Try it out!