NCDevCon: A Beginner’s Guide to Load Testing w/ JMeter

This week I received notice that a talk on the same topic has again been accepted for this year’s NCDevCon.

As time passed by and 12 months is like eons in web/online technology, I will update the talk with more CF-related information as CF10 provides a few more tools and the other products also have a new version released.

Please feel free to submit questions you’d like to see answered in this year’s presentation via e-mail to or in below comment section.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone at the conference!

Fantastic Team of TACFUG Volunteers

Presentation, Recording, Resource

A well organized, most inspiring and content-rich conference has ended but the collective knowledge, ideas and solutions live on. Through the competent and quick crew of volunteers and with the incredible support from the NC State University, College of Textiles, the sessions were recorded and are already available for consumption. I am very grateful for it, as with four tracks the decision which session to visit was excrutiating and sometimes a toss up among great topics.

A big Thank You to the team of TACFUG and all Sponsors!

It seems that since the original post, the video of the talk has been deleted from the server.

The Slidedeck is still available, though.

More Resources for Load Testing & Performance Testing


Apache JMeter

Fusion Reactor

List of More Tools: CF411 Charlie Arehardt – Keyword:Page Performance Test


YouTube: Website Stress Testing using JMeter:

Stuart Marsh,

CFMeetup recorded session Kurt Wiersma: Search for Load Testing with JMeter. (May 2010)


Testing load balanced environment through distribute/remote testing (Pdf)

Improve the quality of your JMeter scripts!/bph/status/116351455786565633

Some very nice comments on Twitter!

Jean Lotz, AAUW Social Media Task Force

Blase Ciabaton, Naples Print Source

Nancy Shoemaker

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