GooglePlus Photos make mobile pix Auto Awesome

Photography is my way of trying to stay in the moment just a few seconds longer, cherishing it by freezing it in time.

Time is fleeting and change relentless, especially in technology. Not much time remains for dwelling in the past. Despite living in technology, I resist change as much as the next person. Photography gives me a chance to hold on a little while longer, to the peace, the comfort of the known and customary behavior, before charging again into the next unknown, the next adventure, the next level where I unlearn what I know and become a rookie all over again to new plateaus and new sites and other ways of doing things better in my profession.

This year’s travels made me realize how much better I have become at selecting special points in my life, holding on to the precious so much better with the help of a great camera on my phone, the Nexus 4, by connecting its storage via Instant Upload to my Google+ photo space. No more need to connect my camera to a computer, waiting until the camera program loads, waiting until the MBs over MBs of digital information travel the USB cable. Until Google+, the process was long from photo taking to editing to sharing with my friends and family.

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CFCamp Interview with Birgit Pauli-Haack

The following is an interview with Birgit by CFCamp officials:

Birgit Pauli-Haack, President/Founder of Pauli Systems, LC was chosen as one of the speakers for the Fourth Annual CFCamp 2013 to be held October 14-15, 2013 in Germering near Munich, Germany.  The CFCamp has established itself as a fixture for Coldfusion developers and offers again this year many interesting sessions by well-known speakers.  Birgit’s session topic will be Mango Blog “How Mango Blog works and how easy it can be extended”.

Tell us a little about yourself (your work, passions etc…)

Web and information sharing, publishing online are the topics around which most of my life is organized, be it programming in Coldfusion + JavaScript for web or mobile, be it by speaking about information sharing, collaboration, online advocacy, or teach content creation for small business, nonprofits and individuals. All technology although quite exciting by itself, needs to be paired up with relevant content and passion to distribute around the internet. Apart from my work, I play tennis, enjoy dinner & movie with hubby, and experiment with mobile photography and oil painting.

What motivated you to speak at CFCamp 2013?

With CFCamp being held so close to my hometown, I wanted to participate in CFCamp last year, but I already had committed to NCDevCon, where I gave a presentation two years in a row. With a little planning of time, it worked out much better this year. I cherish the occasion to be able to meet up with the European Coldfusion Community and spend additional time with my family. When I contacted Michi regarding my registration and ask if I can help in any way with organization, he asked if I wanted to speak. I pitched a few topics, and he suggested I talk about MangoBlog. 

There are lots of interesting speakers lined up this year, what other presentations are you looking forward to

Yes, the presentation line up on the schedule is very, very interesting! And I am looking forward to CFWheels, Bootstrap, MangoDB, Fusion Reactor, and Raillo

What technologies excite you and where do you see the future of web development?

Definitely quite excited about context-sensitive information in mobile development, integration with 3rd party APIs, as well as the semantic web.

Have you been to München before and do you have plans for your visit

München is hometown for me. My family is from Starnberg, a small-town 15 miles (ca. 24 km) south-east of Munich and my parents live there. Beyond catching up with family and friends, I don’t have any plans yet, but at some point I will be visiting München’s newly re-opened Lenbachhaus (@Lenbachhaus), and I will be making an appointment with Alexander the Great in Rosenheim’ @LokschuppenRO

Final question: TSV 1860 München, FC Augsburg, FC Nürnberg or FC Bayern München?

Not doubt: FC Bayern.