Presentations: On Blogging, RSS Feed, Email Marketing, Social Media

Upon several requests to republish our presentations, we share them now here on our company blog. All slideshows cover the topics: Web2.0, Bloggging vs. Website, email marketing, online publishing and the measuring outcome of initiatives and campaigns. 

All presentation are available on Google Documents and should work with all browsers. Please let us know if you have difficulties.

Note: Keep in mind that I used them during live events and they were meant to support the information I provided talking and discussing with the audience. They are not the whole experience.

All material is published under Creative Commons license. Feel free to use them with attribution and link back to Pauli Systems site:

Posted by Birgit Pauli-Haack

Since 1998 Birgit Pauli-Haack has worked with nonprofits as a web developer, a technology strategist, a trainer and community organizer. She founded Pauli Systems, LC in 2002, now a team of six. It is a 100% distributed company. Since 2010, her team has used WordPress to build new nonprofit sites and applications. In her spare time, Birgit serves as a deputy with the WordPress Global Community team, as a WordPress Meetup organizer and a Tech4Good organizer.