Study: WordPress Usage in Enterprise-level Marketing and IT

Researchers of Vanson-Bourne investigated the used of secondary CMS among enterprise organization. The study was commissioned by WPEngine and Manifesto. 300 Enterprise-level IT and marketing decision makers, involved in their organization’s website operation, were interviewed in October 2017.  Respondents were from organizations in the private sector across UK and US. The companies had at least 1,000 employees, the majority of respondents’ organizations have at least 3,000 employees and the average global revenue was 3.2 Billion.

The researchers published their findings in a White Paper: WordPress Success Among Enterprise CMSs, available at WPEngine for free download.

The Key Findings are:

  • The majority (53 %) use at least two content management systems

WordPress is one of the most used CMSs among enterprise organizations.

  • Adobe Enterprise Manager (60%) and WordPress (57%) are neck and neck as the most commonly used content management systems.
  • For organizations not already using a CMS, more enterprises indicated they will select WordPress than any other system (22%).
Results: “Which of the following content management systems (CMS) does your organization currently use?

Regionally, respondents in the UK are most likely (38%) to rank WordPress as their primary CMS, whereas those interviewed in the US are more likely (47%) to rank Adobe as their primary CMS.

Another discovery in the research paper was the following. IT and Marketing are not just key players when it comes spending money on digital technology, they are also key users of the CMSs. Among respondents’ organizations that use WordPress, the most likely departments to use it are Marketing with 71% and IT with 61 percent. They write further: “There seems to be a wider use of WordPress among IT professionals than it is perceived by other departments.”

No matter which department, WordPress is most likely used for the corporate website (64%) or brand/product website (59%). Researchers also saw evidence that WordPress is being used for both, consumer and business facing website.

Top Five Benefits of WordPress for Enterprise Users

  1. Scalability (49%)
  2. Ecosystem (48%)
  3. Availability of skillset  (46%)
  4. Analytics (46%)
  5. Security (46%)

Future Use of WordPress for Enterprises

The researchers concluded:

“Most organizations have started to take the multiple-CMS approach, and even more are likely to over the coming year, with WordPress anticipated to be selected over other CMSs by many of the CMS newcomers. WordPress is at the top of the CMS market among enterprise organizations, both as the primary or secondary CMS. “

WordPress (as secondary CMS) brings clear benefits to the enterprise:

  • better publishing capability
  • agility
  • experimentation, and
  • customization / personalization

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