Facebook Open Graph & Facebook Timeline

Ever since #f8 the Facebook Developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg used to announce major changes to the Facebook OpenGraph and the Facebook Timeline. I followed the event and also collected a few stories especially on Facebook Privacy on a new curation tool called Scoop.it. 

Traveling down the Facebook Timeline
A couple of weeks ago, AAUW CA Online Branch Program director, Sandy Kirkpatrick, and we discussed a few scenarios and disected who will see what posting, comment or tag, for the various privacy settings in your account. As a part of the program, I was also asked if I could explain Facebook Timeline and how it will change how our profile appears for our friends. To answer that question, I took a deep dive in my own Facebook Timeline and published my experience on the non-profit technical support site of the Naples Free-Net. You can read all about it here:

Traveling Down The Facebook Timeline

Facebook Cover: The Entrance to Your Brand’s Facebook Space. Get Going!

On our journey through Facebook Brand Pages, we still encounter Facebook Brand Pages that have yet to add a cover photo. Since March, our graphic designers have created a few Facebook covers for our clients. The collection might inspire you with one or two ideas for your own.

Our graphic designers are on stand-by if inspiration moves you to tackle this. If you are already working with a graphic designer, or a print expert who provides you with design services, they might not be familiar with the requirements for a Facebook Cover Graphic, we post a few notes and hints on the bottom of this article:

Center for Health Value Innovation:

Facebook Cover: Center for Health Value Innovation

Pauli Systems

Facebook Cover: Pauli Systems www.paulisystems.net

Joy Davidson Presents

Facebook Cover: Joy Davidson Presents www.joydavidsonpresents.com

iGifted School

Facebook Cover: iGifted School www.igiftedschool.org


Immokalee Today

Facebook Cover: Immokalee Today www.immokaleetoday.com


Facebook Cover: Relevanza www.relevanza.com

Facebook has a few rules for the Facebook Cover

Facebook has a few rules regarding the Cover Photo published in Facebook Pages Terms:

Your Cover can’t be deceptive, infringe on someone else’s copyright; you are not allowed to encourage people to upload your cover to their own timeline.

Keep your cover

  • free of any pricing information. You can not use it to promote products or specials
  • Put your contact information or webaddress, phone number etc into the “About”? section. They are not allowed on your FB Cover
  • On the old pages, quite a few business had graphics that would point to the “Like”? button to entice people to click on it. That is not allowed on the FB cover picture.
  • Remove all calls to action, such as”Get it Now!”? or “Tell your friends”?

In essence you can use your brand’s facebook page cover to advertise or promote your “image,” almost like you would in an “image” or “brand” print ad of that size. On a side note, the Facebook cover photo is an idea that walks a very fine line between allowing you to promote your service or business but also restricts you enough to, perhaps, entice you to buy Facebook ads or sponsored posts. But I digress. This will be another post.

Graphic Dimensions For Facebook Cover

On CopyBlogger, I also found the info regarding the Profile Picture that is overlapping the Cover photo on the bottom left.

  • Profile icon cut-out: 168 pixels wide by  103 pixels tall, spaced 24 pixels from the left edge of the cover photo
  • Profile icon size: 160 x 160 pixels, with a minimum image upload size of 180 x 180 pixels

In our experience, it’s best to upload a slightly larger image with the above mentioned aspect ratio. It will allow you to fine tune placement via drag & drop in the live view. It might take a few attempts to get it right. The default behavior of the upload feature is to auto-resize the image when placed on the page.

After each upload of a Facebook Cover, a post announcing the new Facebook Cover is automatically put on your page. It might not be all that relevant to your audience, that you took a few attempts to get the right photo uploaded.

Feel free to show off your Facebook covers and share your tips & tricks in the comments. Don’t forget the link to your Facebook page!

Ping.fm – A Tool for Social Media power users

Feed your Facebook Page through Ping.FM

If you have not yet created a Facebook Page you might want to start on this page:
Facebook: Create a Page or Manage Existing Pages

 In the meantime we have successfully integrated Ping.fm with Facebook and are now able to post on various places through Ping.fm.
Here is the link to the help site created by Ping.fm. Here’s how to set up posting to Facebook Pages.
Now looking at the Social Media Technology Facebook Page we will recognize the Ping.fm posting in the feed among the suggested links.

O’Reilly: Updated Facebook Usage Stats

Updated with data up to April 15, 2009
Current active users worldwide:
193+ million
Share of active users for North America:
38% (=74.34 mio): 41% Male | 56% Female | 3% Decline to state
Most quoted fact on Facebook user growth:
The fastest growing group are Women over 55.
The O’Reilly numbers confirm it, but it also shows that the age groups left and right of the 55 – 59 bracket also grow very fast!