“Google+…oh yeah, you need to be here!”

Southwest Florida’s Small Business Resource Network (SBRN) is once again diving into social media training for small businesses this summer.
This program kicks off its Social Media Summer Series on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at the  Holiday Inn, Fort Myers Airport @ Town Center, 9931 Interstate Commerce Drive, Fort Myers with a focus on “Google+ …oh yeah, you need to be here!” 
Birgit Pauli-Haack, the owner of Pauli Systems and co-founder of Relevanza, will present tips for using Google+ in small business. The amazing opportunities of social media have yet to capture the attention of some business owners and as a result, social media has yet to become part of a strategic plan to reach consumers, constituents and the public at large. For many small businesses – and larger businesses alike – the world of social media can still be a scary place.   Birgit will show you how Google+ will ease your fears and how you can easily use it to spark conversation about your business and discover the synergies between being social and being discovered on internet searches.

Cost for SBRN members is $15 per person, which includes hors d’oeuvres. Guests and unaffiliated small business owners pay $25 per person.  This meeting is sponsored by GreatFlorida Insurance.
Register online or contact Lorna Kibbey, coordinator at the Small Business Development Center at (239) 745-3700.
Come on Thursday, June 20, 2013 and learn why you should embrace Google+.

Top Ten Most Viewed: Above the Noise’s Six Month Anniversary

Since we started our Above the Noise blog in May 2010, at the half-year mark, it’s time to take a closer look at the content you, our cherished readers, read most often. Through Google Analytics, it’s fairly easy to create a list. Some of you joined us just recently, and we hope that the list of the Top Ten will motivate you to also browse our archives and read our earlier articles.

Rank #10 Social Technographs Ladder Updated

Gives an overview on 21st century online user behavior and the various activities. The ladder was created by Forrester Research and updated over the years to track change in the various user segments.

Rank #9 Website Gotcha’s to Avoid

A list of traps and how to manage your website around them, written through the eyes of our seasoned project manager and director of operations, Jane Freitas.

Rank #8 Facebook – Make Your Page More Interactive

The third part of our series on Facebook page management, and insight on how to engage your community of fans and make it more interactive and fun.

Rank #7 Content Matters

Jane Freitas’ take on how you can lift your website above the noise of the internet, and how relevant content for your website increases repeat visits and lengthens visit durations.

Rank #6 Your Need News or It’s a Snooze

Nowadays, the consistent update of relevant and timely content on your website is much more important that fancy features and flashy design.

Above the Noise 

We help you connect with your customers and donors and rise ‘above the noise’ on the Internet and Social Networks.

Developing a long lasting trusted relationship with your customers and donors is key to a sustainable success. 

Rank #5 Get the Word Out: E-mail Newsletters

We work with a great group of customers that have a fairly large quantity of content to update on their websites; some with at least one update per week, but most with three or four updates per week. In terms of the fragmented internet, we should not forget that e-mail is the most ubiquitously available and used tool, (by 93% of internet users),  on a daily basis. In our case, we have seen increases of 3 to 4 times the page views on days following an e-mail broadcast.

Rank #4 Back to the Basics: Search Engine Ranking – Learn From the Source

We are often asked if we do SEO (= search engine optimization). The answer is yes. However, most of the time, people expect an automatic get-rich-quick pitch, because tha’s what you find around the internet and in your e-mail inbox. We published two videos, one 5 minutes and the other 1 hour, that feature the most trusted source, Google’s  Matt Cutts, who talks about the rationale behind Googles Page Ranks, and how he and his team see search engine optimization.

Rank #3 Nothing but Writing: Distraction Free Writing Tools

This was actually our most linked article on the internet (with the most inbound links), reviewing three web-based programs that support your content production, concentrating on the writing part and keeping distractions on your computer, (i.e., music, video, e-mail, Twitter, Facbook, etc.), away from your view, so you can concentrate solely on your text.

Rank #2 iPad – I’d Rather Wait

My report after testing the iPad for over an hour at the Apple store. In the meantime, a few more promising tablets are about to be released just intime for the Holiday shopping season.

Rank #1 You’re Invited to Our Rountable – ORBIT

A Roundtable for Busines Owners on Internet Technologies. Over the last few months, we have been presenting on various internet topics for the Small Business Development Center, and participated in events as a member of the Small Business Resource Network. We realized that there are a lot of mysteries, anxiety and confusion about how to set-up a website, promote your business online, and how to get control of your business’ online information. With the advent of the second decade of the 21st century, having and managing a robust online presence is not an option anymore.

56% of small businesses do not have a website, and 82% of all purchasing decisions start with an online search.  If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist! This roundtable/webinar series will provide business owners with relevant information about the internet space, separate the wheat from the chaff, and you will learn which matters you need to take care of yourself, and those that you can delegate to various consulting partners.

Update 2018 – We discontinued the business ownere roundtable, but not our Above the Noise newsletter. You can subscribe here

2011 ORBIT Schedule and Topics: Join us! For Free!

Save the dates!

January 27th – How to setup and manage a WordPress website

February 24th –  Tips on how to create an eNewsletter and measure its impact

March 31st – What are the differences between a website, blog, and Facebook page?

Register for ORBIT: Online Roundtable for Business Owners on Internet Technology
 on Eventbrite

We know you have technology issues and questions.  Everyone does!  And, we also know that you may not have access to the people and resources who can answer those questions and resolve those issues.  That’s why we’d like to invite you to our monthly online business owners’ roundtable, ORBIT, designed to help small businesses like yours blast their online presence into the future.  Please join us!

Held the last Thursday of every month, from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm, ORBIT provides a fun, informal and congenial online forum for business owners  to openly discuss any and all web and technology-related issues specific to their small business. Bring your questions and you’ll receive concrete feedback on how to make the web work better for you, and create a web presence that rocks!

PC/handshake image courtesy of www.rhythmeering.com.