WordPress Consulting by Experts

We are a one-stop web developer and design shop and your local WordPress Experts in Southwest Florida. Founded in 2002, connected approximately 150 businesses and nonprofits to their customer and donors online.

Since 2010, we built most new sites on top of WordPress – a content management system and application platform powering 35.1% of the Web.

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If you just want to connect with WordPress using siteowners, there is also a WordPress Meetup SWFL with bi-weekly KaffeeKlatch in Fort Myers and a monthly WordPress meetup at VentureX in Naples. Check  the schedule of upcoming events on Meetup.

Pauli Systems participates in the Five for the Future and pledged to support Birgit’s work on the Community and Documentation team.

Your site got hacked?

Contact us and we’ll fix your website permanently. Our over five-year experience in hosting, managing and developing websites with WordPress also comes with a great deal experience in situations that require fast and targeted solutions for the dangers of the Internet. For our clients, we have preventative measurements in place, but we are also available to save your site from the malicious dangers lurking on the Internet. 

Do you need a new website design?

We walk with you from wireframes, mock-ups to theme development. Most of the time we start with a Genesis Theme as the framework offers  the most flexibility. Every customer is different and needs individual attention. Our design process, although very methodical will be determined in our first meeting. 

You have business and want to take it to the next level?

We also can help you creating a business proposition that fits the online market place. We successfully converted & deployed expert knowledge to the web and develop a paying customer base. We help you setting up your lead generation process,  email list building pages and review your site’s SEO performance. After a site audit, we will outline your options for a content marketing plan to take your site to the next level.

You need help running a membership site or online community.

Talk to us and we’ll make sure you get the right implementation. We have experience in setting up sites with Buddypress, Memberpress, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other customer-centric web apps. We can also assist you in business processes and policies that foster engagement in online communities.

Pauli Systems founder, Birgit Pauli-Haack, knows what makes online communities thrive. She has been an active community member as a deputy on the WordPress Community Team, as a Regional Ambassador for the Netsquared/ TechSoup community organizers and is a part of two local communities as a co-organizer: Tech4Good SWFL and WordPress SWFL.

Your nonprofit organization needs a donor-focused website

We help you reach your donors online with your website and your donor experience. Your future website will support your fundraising goals as well as your social media outreach goals. 
We integrate your sites with any donor management system,  online payment gateways and set-up peer-to-peer fundraising.  If now prior system is available, we use GiveWP or CiviCRM, and other open-source software to keep the cost low and the impact high.

You are a publisher and need a partner for your all your online needs?

We assist you in implementing the right content types and built in editorial calendar processes. We make your site ready for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) standard, displays well via Facebook Instant Articles and connects well with Apple news. We get your podcast channel set-up and connected to the big directories like, iTunes, Stitcher, and integrate your YouTube channel or your Vimeo space seamlessly with your website. We assist you online advertising solutions, affiliate marketing and subscription paywalls. 

You need efficient and easy to handle Social Media integration?

We tested many social media integration plugins and methods and kept up to speed on the ever-changing ecosystems of social media networks. We ensure that your content displays in the most engaging way and you can reach your future customers on the social networks of their choice without compromising your content.

Your website won’t go live without our rigorous quality assurance testing

Before your new site goes live, we have a 35 point quality assurance checklist. It covers, performance tests, setting up Google Search Console & Google Analytics connections. We make sure all your links work, and your content is indexed by major search engines. Our websites are mobile optimized, present also well on social media and are fast loading.